Revolution in the world of soccer: the first all-wooden stadium

In a bold move that promises to change the landscape of sports stadium design, the prestigious Zaha Hadid Architects group has taken a revolutionary step by designing the first all-wood stadium. This innovative project has been approved and will take place in Gloucestershire, England, becoming the new home of Forest Green Rovers soccer club.

A Landmark in Sustainable Design
The stadium design, which has captured the imagination of fans and architects alike, stands out not only for its unique aesthetics, but also for its commitment to sustainability. Wood, a renewable material with a low carbon footprint, will be used in the construction of the main structure, seating, roofs and other elements of the stadium. This eco-friendly approach is aligned with the values of Forest Green Rovers, known for being the “greenest soccer club in the world,” which has already implemented various sustainable practices, such as the use of renewable energy and a vegan diet for its players.

Innovation by Zaha Hadid Architects
Zaha Hadid Architects, known for her futuristic and cutting-edge designs, has taken sustainability to a new level with this project. The stadium, which will seat 5,000 spectators, will feature the sleek, curved lines characteristic of Hadid’s work, creating a visually striking structure that integrates harmoniously with the natural environment of Gloucestershire. In addition, the use of timber allows for faster and more efficient construction compared to traditional methods.

A Commitment to the Environment
Forest Green Rovers, under the chairmanship of Dale Vince, has been a pioneer in promoting sustainability in sport. This new wooden stadium is another step in their mission to reduce the environmental impact of soccer. The stadium will not only be a venue for sporting events, but also a community center and a symbol of green innovation.

Impact and Reactions
The approval of the design has generated excitement in the architectural community and among soccer fans. Many see this project as a model for future stadium construction around the world. The combination of aesthetics, functionality and sustainability promises to deliver a unique experience for players and spectators alike.

Future of Sustainable Soccer
This wooden stadium represents a future where architecture and sport come together to promote a more sustainable world. The collaboration between Forest Green Rovers and Zaha Hadid Architects is an inspiring example of how innovative design can contribute to the fight against climate change and promote a greener lifestyle.

First Mass Timber stadium First Mass Timber stadium First Mass Timber stadium

First Mass Timber stadium First Mass Timber stadium First Mass Timber stadium

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