An all-timber neighborhood for Copenhagen

This innovative project hopes to set a standard for how modern communities can live in harmony with nature.


Henning Larsen, in collaboration with biologists and environmental engineers from MOE, recently unveiled the new master plan for Fælledby i Vejlands Kvarter, a new neighborhood that will be Copenhagen’s first district to be built fully of wood. 

A central part of the project is to create a new neighborhood where the existing and inherent qualities of the communities become stronger through a connection to local biodiversity. The master plan preserves critical elements of the local landscape, such as wetlands and dry scrub that provide habitat for insects, turtles, songbirds, and deer.



The master plan incorporates surrounding natural habitats to encourage richer growth for plants and animals.“With the rural village as an archetype, we’re creating a city where biodiversity and active recreation define a sustainable pact between people and nature,” said Signe Kongebro, Parter, Henning Larsen, in a release.



Using the rural village model as a source of inspiration, the Fælledby will include active street corners, green corridors, and a concentrated city center. The master plan is divided into three circular subsections to allow for a more intimate, small-scale sense of community to flourish. Wild-planted natural swathes run between the three mini-villages, ensuring free movement for local species and integrating nature into the core layout of the new community.


Source: BDC Network –

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