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Mass Timber System

This is a two-level single-family house situated on a 1,000 m² plot within a garden neighborhood in Montevideo.

The house boasts four ensuite bedrooms plus a study on the upper floor. On the ground floor, there’s a service bedroom and bathroom, a kitchen, dining room, living room, and a guest toilet. Additionally, there’s a covered outdoor space with a bathroom that integrates seamlessly with the pool and garden, as well as service storage areas. The entirety of the structure, including the roofs, mezzanines, and walls, is made from CLT and GLT. Metallic reinforcements were added to the section of the mezzanine that faces the street. The foundation consists of a reinforced concrete slab.

The assembly of the house took fifteen working days, followed by the installation of insulation and waterproofing for the roofs, facades, and terraces. Breathable membranes were used for the facades and roofs, while polyurethane-based products were utilized for green roofs and balconies. After waterproofing, the facade and roof elements were installed.

Comparative thermal balances were performed, simulating the same house constructed with traditional systems. The results showed that, for the annual period, there’s almost a 40% energy saving to maintain the same level of thermal comfort.

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