Bronx Children`s Museum

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An icon revival: Bronx Children`s Museum.

O’Neill McVoy Architects has repurposed a historical power plant into a magical place: Bronx Children`s Museum.

Situated on the banks of Harlem river, this museum is a perfect fusion between past majesty and current engineering. The 1925 restored external side of the building works as a preface of its indoors, which were designed from a child-shoes perspective and offer a unique experience connecting us with nature and the shore.

Designed as the first place in Bronxs and specially dedicated for children, the museum plays with curved spaces and ramps, encouraging youngsters to explore and discover.

But what is really outstanding is its original use of curved cross-laminated timber (CLT), which was the first project using it in the United States. This wood, chosen due to lightweight and strength, was modeled with digital precision bringing organic areas and architectural pieces to life.

Apart from honoring its heritage, this project reimagines what can be considered a children`s museum.



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