Who said a sauna can’t be a masterpiece of wood and community? In Oslo, people come together to build greenhouses along the coast. And when it’s time to relax, they opt for a social and ecological sauna with a mind-blowing view. Thus was born the Hotspot, designed by Oslo Works to minimize climate footprint and […]

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Orchid Pavilion by CCA

Orchid Pavilion by CCA: Collaborative Center for Architecture

Wood from the world The Orchid Pavilion by CCA (Collaborative Center for Architecture), a wooden structure located at Casa Wabi, Puerto Escondido, Mexico. This pavilion, designed for the conservation of orchids in the Oaxaca region, highlights the connection between the biological and cultural diversity of the landscape. Built with local materials and simple techniques, the

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Vivienda en Chacra

House in Chacra

Our single-family home, constructed using the Wood Frame system, merges cutting-edge technology and quality. Panels were prefabricated off-site in our plant and transported to the site with integrated waterproofing and façade, enhancing efficiency and accelerating construction times.

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Gate of the Great Hornbill

Gate of the Great Hornbill

Explore the Gate of the Great Hornbill in Arunachal Pradesh, India, a masterpiece by STUDIOARO and a symbol of connection between tradition and modernity. Constructed entirely with local bamboo, the gate embodies the rich cultural diversity and biodiversity of the region. A majestic flight towards the future, celebrating history and sustainability!

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Library house

Inspiring works: Library house is a sustainable architecture symphony in Sweden. The central library, surrounded by four buildings, is the heart of the project and it connects different thematic areas. Facades are strategically closed to the north, east and west, contrasting with the opening to the south lake and offering unique views. Buildings are organized

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The Opera Park

World´s wood | The Opera Park An urban paradise in Copenhagen. Can you imagine a park with the size of three football pitches in front of the Royal Danish Opera? Well, this is real and you must see it! Discover the unique Cobe design and the perfect fusion between nature and architecture. This park redefines

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Forbes Real Estate Summit

Matías Albergo, President of Arboreal and CEO of Enkel Group, took part in the inaugural local edition of the Forbes Real Estate Summit in Punta del Este. This gathering brought together prominent figures from the sector under the theme “Emerging Trends.” Matías shared how our innovative approach to wood construction not only efficiently addresses construction

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Industrial City of Bolzano

World´s wood | Bolzano gets reinvented with the visionary design of Henning Larsen. The concept revitalizes and reconnects part of the city giving priority to adaptive reuse, urban mining and Timber construction. The proposed design will transform the postindustrial area in “Pone Roma Quartier”, a cozy, multigenerational and multipurpose neighborhood, bringing solution to the pressing

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