Building in Durazno

Building a Sustainable Future in Uruguay!

We are excited to share the details of a project that will be a milestone in the region and will transform the construction industry in Uruguay. Designed by Enkel Group Architects in collaboration with Dovat Architects, we will soon begin the construction of the country’s first wooden building.

Strategic Location:
It will be situated in the beautiful department of Durazno, seamlessly blending modernity with nature.

Impressive Design:
Featuring 7 floors and housing 24 exclusive apartments.

Sustainability in Action:
Projected with the revolutionary Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) construction system, this building is a testament to our commitment to sustainability. Developed and promoted by ANV, the construction will be overseen by Enkel.

Constructive Innovation:
A dual approach will be implemented in construction: the foundation will utilize pillars, beams, and reinforced concrete, while the upper levels will incorporate CLT slabs and walls, along with Glulam pillars and beams. This industrialized method will significantly reduce manufacturing and assembly timelines.

Join the Sustainable Story:
Be a part of this exciting chapter in the history of sustainable construction in Uruguay. We are committed to building a future where innovation and environmental responsibility converge. Together, we are shaping a greener and more sustainable tomorrow!

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