Ölzbündt building

Inspiring works

Located in Dornbirn, Austria, the Ölzbündt building is a great testimonial for the innovation in wood construction.

It was designed by HK Architekten in the 1990s and it combines tradition and modernity using the historical Vorarlberg constructions as an inspiration.

Even though it has a feel of the past, there is no doubt that it is also modern; it is a prototype which shows how mass timber can transform residential architecture.

Ölzbündt building was a pioneer of its era. It was one of the first to meet the Passivhaus standards in Europe, having thermal insulation properties and bypassing the need for traditional heating devices. Apart from that, it uses photovoltaic panels to heat water, highlighting its compromise with energy efficiency.

This building remind us that wood is, when correctly used, not only aesthetically pleasant but also practical and sustainable.



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