The Garzón School

The Garzón School arrives in Maldonado! A world-class ecosystem for learning, located in the middle of 38 hectares of untamed Uruguayan countryside.

The buildings are inserted in the middle of nature and its design promotes the integration and continuity of the interior space with the exterior. Under the premise “The school is the forest, the forest is the school”, every learning experience will be doubly significant in this new campus.

The initial construction phase includes two primary buildings and a technical area. The intervention area is 1340 m2.

The structure will be built with 12 to 15 cm thick CLT load-bearing panels up to 7.5 m high. The CLT panels house large spans, for openings up to 6m wide and 3.2m high.

The ceilings are designed with 60cm high Glulam beams to cover spans of 12m without the need for intermediate columns.

Undoubtedly, there is no other project in Latin America that resembles The Garzón School.

See the complete project in this link.

Interior of The Garzón School project The Garzón School project seen from the outside Parts of The Garzón School

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